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The Issues


Jobs should be our #1 priority with tax cuts being an Unemployment essential part-to increase the ability of the private sector to hire as well as keeping the money in the pockets of the ones that earned it.Read More



The Democratic Party and President Obama love the name. ObamacareDemocrats even branded the Affordable Care act with it – OBAMACARE. They own it! Obamacare is the biggest failure in United States history.Read More                                                                            

Immigration & Border Security

The United States has become the country without borders.Immigration Securing the borders is about National Security. It is not, like some on the left would like you believe, about race. Moreover, our neighbor to the south, Mexico, will never end all the corruption within their government if we continue to allow people in need of a better life to come here illegally.Read More

2nd Amendment

I am 2nd Amendment candidate running for office. I am an GunsNRA member and have an “A” rating with the NRA. I believe it is the right that shall not be infringed.Read More


Tax Reform

I am a Fair Tax person; it is the only tax reform policy I Tax Reformsupport. Our current tax code, besides being chaotic at best, has stimulated the current state of incompetence in Washington which continues to grow.Read More