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I am first generation born American with my roots in Mexico. Currently, our government is out of control; increased taxation, rouge government bureaucracy, and self-serving politicians that are more concerned about their own self-preservation than preserving the constitution. The United States is no longer a representative government but rather a government that serves itself.

We are now in a post-constitutional government spearheaded by an extreme progressive movement who promises everything to everyone as long as everyone obeys them and shares-the-wealth. They continually take away the incentives from private business to do business and thus increasing job loss as well as decreasing job worth. These regulatory bodies today have unprecedented power over our daily lives and this is not what the framers intended.

New. Co. 5 22 10 006I am not an Ivy League educated bureaucrat with the main goal of running for office and live off the hard-earned paychecks of the American taxpayer. I did not grow up affluent. I worked hard like every American taxpayer- and I still do.

I know what it takes to work hard. I know what it will take to get this country back to its glory, and it is not voting in the same old career politician.

As a former Union member (Locals 1010 Steel, and Local 434 Carpenters), I know what made our country strong and understand the Union family. However, I know that more of the population can get back to work if we stop the job killing regulations that continually pour out of Washington. Union leaders are nothing more than Democratic puppets that support representatives that support these regulations. These Union leaders do not care about their members’ best interest and only use them as pawns in the larger scheme of things.55 Project 001

So far my family has lived the “American Dream”. My mother and father worked hard to give their children a better life. I continue with their passion today but fear there are more mechanisms coming out of Washington to kill this dream than to promote it.

In 2010, with this same passion, I ran for U.S. Congress against the incumbent Pete Visclosky. With virtually no campaign funds I was able to scar 40% of the vote from an opponent with a war chest larger than most American’s total lifetime income. Due to the overwhelming support I have received over the last few years, I will keep up the fight. Some might consider me an underdog, but I am a dog with a very loud bark.

Mark Leyva

Candidate for Indiana 1st Congressional Districtlogo

God Bless America