ISSUE PAGE: COUNTY INCOME TAX: I will not vote for a increase of the Lake County Income Tax. The county income tax is an attack on the working man and their family. It is also an attack on the local business community because it takes $150 million out of the […]

Ken Davidson / May 19, 2016 Lake County has committed $5.5M per year to the Regional Development Authority. Now some question the return on that investment. May 19, 2016-At a meeting of the Lake County Commissioners yesterday, Republican Candidate for 3rd District Commissioner Mark Leyva questioned why Lake County would […]

Bill Dolan, (219) 662-5328 May 18, 2016 CROWN POINT — Lake County Commissioners awarded $4.4 million Wednesday in public works contracts. Commissioners postponed a decision this month on whether to reappoint Randolph “Randy” Palmateer, 37, business manager for the building and trades council, to a new term on the […]