Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia dismissed a criminal case against General Michael Flynn.
It’s about time General Michael Flynn is free! He was a victim of the FBI’s politicized campaign against him because of his connection with President Trump.
General Flynn joins the ranks of other Trump advisors including K.T. McFarland and Carter Page who were also unfairly targeted in an effort to cast a dark cloud overqualified individuals seeking to advise our current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. It was an effort to limit the talent pool.
The pain and suffering General Flynn, K.T. McFarland and Carter Page went through is troubling. Fortunately for the historical records, it has been well documented. Unfortunately– It happened. It should never happen again!  This should never be allowed, no matter who is President.
If elected as the next representative for Indiana’s 1st Congressional District– I will stand against partisan attacks against any elected official, regardless of party politics.
United we stand, divided we fall! Our Government must be fair and just to all!
The dropping of General Flynn’s criminal case shows all Americans and the constituents of Indiana’s 1st Congressional District two things:
1. Our government is based on laws enacted by Congress. Those laws must be executed honestly and fairly to ensure our liberty and freedom.
2. General Flynn’s case has exposed the high level of corruption that came from the FBI and was known all the way to the White House.
Justice must always prevail.
Thank God General Michael Flynn is free!