Candidate for US Congress IN-01 Mark Leyva says if elected into office in November, he will assure the American Dream is Protected. Gives Kudos to Police Officers.

“All Americans should be able to safely enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” –Mark Leyva

The words “Defund” and “Dismantle” have been used in recent hours to describe what some would like to do with Police Departments. As a Candidate for US Congress IN-01. My thoughts on this issue cannot be said in one press release. Right now I would like to specifically speak of how this issue could affect the lifeblood of America—Our small business owners.

The majority of the small business owners I know started off as average Americans. Through experience, grit, mistakes, and ultimately “learning the best way of doing things” they worked hard to earn their individual American dream. These average Americans are a special part of America’s fabric that keeps our economy strong… Our innovation at the leading edge… And our generosity unmatched by any other nation.

With the recent events of lawlessness and looting, we risk the possibility of having businesses miss their opportunity to pursue the American Dream. This American Dream, and the pursuit of,  makes us Safer. Stronger. Happier. More innovative.

It is my campaign’s belief that the government should have limits. However, the government- in the form of law and order—NEEDS to exist to protect ALL Americans against threats such as damage to property and life.

Federal, state, and local laws assist our local police to do their part in controlling crime. If we do not keep crime under control we risk having total anarchy.

Businesses large and small pay taxes; sales tax, property tax, income tax, payroll tax, excise tax, business registration fees, the list goes on. If you don’t pay the Department of Revenue or the IRS—Consider yourself in deep trouble.

Laws have been broken by Violent Protesters. As they break laws, they are busting the American Dream that every business owner has. They reduce the ability for everyday Americans to own their slice of this American Dream.

The safety of Law-Abiding Americans is important.

As Indiana’s next Congressman, I will work hard to ensure that our Police Departments Nationwide are NEVER told to stand down to looters and violent criminals. America is better than this.

As Indiana’s next Congressman, I will ensure Police Departments nationwide will have the resources they need during civil unrest.

As I have done in the past, I will make it a priority to meet with area Police Departments, county Sherriff Departments, and other law enforcement agencies to ensure they get what they need from Washington, DC.