My name is Mark Leyva, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress district 01. I would like to discuss the current state of inflation as well as the government’s detrimental political policy to correct it.

Today, the media has been expressing their concerns over the new 40-year high inflation number of 7.5%. Due to this high inflation, the cost of living has increased. The price of gas has nearly doubled, and food, rent and other basics are quickly increasing. High gas prices mean high transportation costs thereby increasing retail prices. President Biden boasts that wages have increased; however, this is not enough to keep up with inflation. A recent study by Moody’s Analytics shows that inflation is costing the average American household $276 more per month. This has become a burden for America’s lower and middle classes.

President Biden originally stated that this inflation was supposed to be transitory, but we are now learning that this is not so. His plan to correct the inflation problem is to pass more trillion-dollar spending bills to the taxpayers’ expense. Add this to the printing of more dollars which devalues the dollar and the coming increases in interest rates. Now we are left with hyperinflation.

Under the leadership of President Trump, our economy was flourishing. We were energy independent, the cost of living decreased, we stayed out of costly wars, and interest rates were low. President Trump’s policies benefitted all. To get our country back on track, we need to return to good conservative policies. In the spirit of my personal motto, “Politics benefit the few. Good government benefits all”, I am asking for your vote on Election Day, May 3, 2022.

Mark J. Leyva
Highland, IN