Candidate for US Congress IN-01 Mark Leyva says,

“Put the brakes on a YMCA in Wicker Park!”

“Public officials work for the taxpayers, BEFORE such a decision–the cost and environmental impacts must be investigated, discussed and ultimately, the voters should decide!” –Mark Leyva

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Mark Leyva is upset (as are many local voting taxpayers) about the possibility of a YMCA being built in Highland’s Wicker Park. LEYVA is on record that there are many reasons why this idea needs further review. There are better locations for a YMCA. Before proceeding, these questions need answers:

  • Will a YMCA hurt our golf revenue by eliminating our driving range?
  • Is eliminating the driving range a choice that is best for area residents?
  • Will a YMCA lead to more flooding issues in Highland/Munster? (Less green space, less impervious surfaces?)
  • Will a YMCA in Wicker Park hurt the YMCA in west in Hammond?
  • Will a YMCA in Wicker Park hurt the YMCA in east in Griffith?
  • Will a YMCA in Wicker Park hurt the Lincoln Center fitness center?
  • Will a YMCA in Wicker Park increase traffic in an already congested area (during peak usage) and cause more traffic accidents?

I, Mark Leyva believe the decision to have a YMCA should be a public referendum, and not a decision made by a politician by the name of Frank Mrvan.

Public officials are supposed to work for all of us, NOT rush a political agenda… A political legacy… At the above bullet pointed expenses.

As Indiana’s next Congressman, I will work hard to ensure that your tax dollars benefit all taxpayers, residents and businesses–not politicians.