The Orwellian America Invents Act and multiple Supreme Court rulings have gutted the patent system for small inventors and startups causing the loss of hundreds of tech jobs in Gary, Indiana.  According to new laws written in the swamp, patents are no longer property rights, they are now public franchises.  Hundreds of millions of dollars has been dumped on Washington politicians by the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech monopolists to buy these new laws.  And this is terrible for America and American national security.  For example, last year 48% of early stage funding of Artificial Intelligence startups went to Chinese firms with only 36% to American firms.  Artificial Intelligence powers our power grid, our tanks and our ships.  It does not stop with Artificial Intelligence.  Funding in all of tech is up in China and down here.  If America is going to be great again, we must restore strong patent rights and turn back the swamp.
“Politics benefit the few, good government benefits all”
                                                       Mark J. Leyva